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IT changes everyday's life, especially in education and medicine. The goal of ITME 2018 is to further explore the theoretical and practical issues of Big Data and IT in medicine and education. It also aims to foster new ideas and collaboration between researchers and practitioners. The organizing committee is soliciting unpublished papers for the main conference and its special tracks. The major topics include, but not limited to:

IT in Medicine
1. Artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced medical diagnosis
2. Medical image processing & compression
3. CT, MRI, PET, SPECT image acquisition and analysis
4. e-Health and e-Hospital
5. Machine learning technologies in medical services
6. Standard in health informatics and cross-language solution
7. Computer-Aided diagnostic (CAD)
8. Health informatics education
9. Biomechanics, modeling and computing
10. Digital virtual organ and clinical application
11. Three dimension reconstruction for medical imaging
12. Hospital information management
13. Construction of medical database
14. Data mining in medical applications
15. Big medical data analysis and processing

IT in Education
1. Architecture of Educational Information Systems
2. Building and Sharing Digital Education Resources on the Internet
3. Collaborative Learning/Training
4. Computer Aided Teaching and Campus Network Construction
5. Curriculum Design and Development for Open/Distance Education
6. Digital Library
7. e-Learning Pedagogical Strategies
8. Ethical and Social Issues in Using IT in Education
9. Innovative Software and Hardware Systems for Education and Training
10. Automated Education Systems
11. Learning Management Information Systems
12. Managed Learning Environments
13. Multimedia and Hypermedia Applications and Knowledge Management in Education
14. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies in Educational System
15. Plagiarism Issues on Open/Distance Education
16. Security and Privacy issues with e-learning
17. Software Agents and Applications in Education
18. Machine Learning and Data Mining Applications in Education
19. Web Based Systems for Education

Big Data and It’s Application in Medicine & Education
1. Traditional Chinese Medicine Healthcare Management based on Big Data
2. Bio-medical and healthcare services and applications based on big data
3. Big data research and project experience in bio-medical and health care application services
4. Big data research applications in Industry and Agriculture
5. Big data research applications and service systems in hospitality, education, transportation and urban planning
6. Big data research application and service systems in multi-media and social networking
7. Innovative, concurrent, and scalable big data intelligence analysis
8. Big data knowledge extraction, discovery, analysis, presentation, and visualization
9. Big data knowledge integration, merging, migration, and transformation
10. Big data based reference, ranking, decision making, and prediction
11. Big data knowledge indexing, classification, sharing, and assembly
12. Big data knowledge-based open-source development and technology
13. Big data based knowledge system development and tools
14. Distributed systems in medical and healthcare services
15. Cloud computing in medical and healthcare services
16. Machine learning theories and applications for medical and healthcare services
17. Artificial intelligence (AI) in medical and healthcare services
18. Deep learning technologies and applications for medical and healthcare services
19. Machine learning, data mining and image processing algorithms for big data

Other related theories, Technologies and applications

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